About Me

Justin Wong is 22, unemployed and lives with his mother.  Like anyone with a gluttonous nature, he likes pig and anything that contains an unhealthy dose of fat, sodium and/or sugar.

After spending 12 years in Shanghai, he decided to return to Hong Kong for university and ‘rediscover’ his local roots. Instead of studying hard as his parents wished, he was sidetracked immediately by the tastes and smells of the city, spending hours after hours in search of the perfect morsel of food. However, Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and his wallet simply could not afford many of the big-name places. So the challenge arose – How could one eat CHEAP and eat WELL in Hong Kong?

This blog, along with ten additional kilograms, is the result of his explorations. While there will be a few fine dining establishments (we all need some pampering), most of the places featured here will cost less than HKD$50 per head. To ensure a true, authentic account, all restaurants and stores were visited anonymously.  To simplify things, there will be no scoring system in place – a restaurant/cafe/any food place should just be judged by the simple questions “is the food good?” and “would I come back again”. If both answers are “yes”, we have a winner.

Anyways, this is it. Enjoy this shit, Wong out.

*Mic Drop*