Wong Eats Tokyo!

Before we begin, let me make one thing very clear: Tokyo is the greatest food city in the world, period. There simply isn’t a counter to this statement. If you love your food and know your way around food, there isn’t a better city for you to indulge yourself in


When I started this blog, I quickly settled on the name ‘Wong Eats Hong Kong’ due to a multitude of reasons. Firstly, this correctly implies that I am covering restaurants and cooking events in Hong Kong. Secondly, there is an element of personal connection in the title, as my last name is indeed on it….

Where To Eat and Drink in Hong Kong While Hunting For Pokemon

Hong Kong people, myself included, have fully embraced the Pokemon-Go craze. Even at the break of dawn, you will see hordes of people hunting down Dragonites and other uber-rare pokemons (Nothing bonds the city together like hiking up the mountain at 2am for a Snorlax, believe me). While there are all sorts of applications and live chat updates…

Turning away from ‘clean’ eating

If you have lived in Hong Kong for the last couple years, you would have noticed that the city shifts between various trends. For awhile, the city was obsessed with Korean foods and exports (Thanks a lot Descendants of the Sun), then there was the matcha craze, the brunch food craze; and when renowned British chefs…

Why people who take ‘foodporn’ pictures are not true food lovers

I showed my family ‘Wong Eats Hong Kong’ for the first time this weekend. And instantly, my mother complained that I took terrible pictures of food, a point which I got defensive over – not because I wanted to defend my photos, but rather, I fail to see the need for a good photograph in order…