When I started this blog, I quickly settled on the name ‘Wong Eats Hong Kong’ due to a multitude of reasons. Firstly, this correctly implies that I am covering restaurants and cooking events in Hong Kong. Secondly, there is an element of personal connection in the title, as my last name is indeed on it. Finally, the whole damn thing rhymes and I am a sucker for it. For the last five months, Wong Eats Hong Kong has been diligently reporting on Hong Kong’s culinary scene. But now, we are going to take a short, one week break from Hong Kong…

As you can read from the title (At least I hope you read the title… seriously it’s right there), I am travelling to Singapore, one of my favourite culinary destinations in the world. Right now, I am sitting on a rather uncomfortable airport chair, surrounded by raucous, noisy tourists and snobbish suit clad businessmen. My mind is cloudy from all the overpriced beer that I have been drinking to curb my deep, unresolved phobia of planes. Yet, I am still ecstatic, because I know I will have a damn good time gorging myself out in Singapore.

Now I am no psychic, but I foresee myself eating an unhealthy amount of lard-heavy, artery clogging Singaporean hawker cuisine, lots of Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs, as well a few fine dining meals (because we all need to pamper ourselves and our loved ones every once in a while).

So welcome to a week long edition of Wong Eats Singapore. While the title does not rhyme, everything else will be the same. So, goodbye Hong Kong, hello Singapore!

Peace Out.

(P.S: Like the famous saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”, I have started an Instagram account solely dedicated to Wong Eats Hong Kong. So it’ll be super sweet if you guys gave me a follow at @WongEatsHongKong)